☨ Sebastian Theodore Westwick ☨

Tall, suave, and thoroughly grandiloquent; Sebastian Westwick is one of the post powerful heirs of his generation.


“You have something I want, and you’re going to give it to me. Why? Because I’m Sebastian Westwick; and if you don’t give it to me then I will take it from you.”


Sebastian Theodore Westwick was born in 1989 to an incredibly wealthy family; however, his father (Laurence Westwick) did not raise him personally, distancing himself from whom he blamed for the death of his wife (Silvia Westwick). Multiple Nannies came in and out of Sebastian’s life as he grew up, his father always too busy to concern himself with his newborn, not only occupied with Westwick Industries but also making up for the lack of his late wife’s appearances at various galas.

The only child of the business’ owner, his education was taken very seriously, as was his health and general physical well-being. Being part of the corporate world meant that his life would always be at risk, so as he grew older he was taught how to effectively defend himself from anyone who attempted to hurt him. This education was ultimately ruled by his father, though not unlike his youngest years he had very little direct involvement, instead Sebastian was sent off to the highest reputation boarding school for the duration of his school years. Heavily disciplined and quickly developing the manipulative behaviour common throughout the corporate communities, he quickly secured his title as the role-model student, getting high grades and covering up his individualist personality with his silver-tongue.

Free of education, Sebastian was finally allowed to return to his family home, though he wasn’t a fool- he didn’t expect to suddenly be involved in a normal happy family. Back under his father’s roof, countless members of staff from the business would tutor him in the difference areas of work which they all covered, preparing him for taking his place as head of the company once his father stepped down.

As Sebastian aged into a handome young man with words as sharp as his cheekbones, he took his place within the limelight and charmed the public into fawning over both him and his legacy. Marketing their business towards a larger audience as he specialised in modern advertising and shadowed his late mother’s socialite life, he figured that this was what his life was going to be until his father died and he became head of the company, even then it would only get busier until he himself died.

Partially, that was true.

The family business became involved in a rivalry with another company which wanted to take them over, a rivalry which soon became more than buying out shares and vindictive words, extending to violence. The receiver of the most violent act was Sebastian himself, since being the sole heir of his family’s company made him a significant target; on top of this, Sebastian’s father had fallen ill with a terminal sickness, solidifying the importance of Sebastian’s role within the company.

Unbeknownst to him, the rival company had become involved with inhuman beings, ones which plotted the worst way they could hurt and destroy the Westwick legacy. A small group broke into the hospital where Sebastian and a few trusted employees were visiting his father, barricading the door shut and holding them at gunpoint. Threatening to demonstrate much worse things than death upon them all, one of them restrained Sebastian and gave his father an ultimatum: sacrifice his son or die together and sacrifice his legacy. With the selfish look in his eyes he had always had, Sebastian’s father barely glanced at him before choosing the company over his life. After that, a laugh, before excruciating pain and nothing but black.

Hours later, Sebastian awakened from the aftermath of the embrace, escaping into the shadows and finding solace within their secrecy.

☨ Sebastian Theodore Westwick ☨

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