☨ Ingrid 'IV' Valentine ☨

Eccentric, but highly intelligent, IV is a criminal mastermind with a nihilistic tendency affiliated with Acid Reign. Beware, although a party-girl socialite, she has a plan, and nothing will stop her from getting to the top.


On 9th November 1990, South Kensington, Ingrid Valentine was born. The daughter of Oregon-born barrister Maria and diplomat Joseph Valentine, she was the blessed child they had spent 2 long years trying to conceive.

As a child, Ingrid was given everything her heart desired and was shown the love and affection of two happy, loving parents, travelling between America and the UK throughout her childhood. At age 3, Ingrid enrolled at Queen’s Gate Girls School and continued her studying until 18, where she would then transfer to Central Saint Martins to pursue her dream of becoming a manga artist. During her time at QGS, she was the model student – charming, intelligent, and had a large social circle. Ingrid was a happy, energetic, and bright young girl whom was popular with her teachers. Admired by her peers, she was the voice that everyone wanted to listen to.

At age 16, Ingrid was set to be wed to a childhood friend, and the son of her parent’s closest friends, Kit Buckley. Both teenagers having no say in the matter, went along with it until age 18, splitting after mutual differences in their wants and desires, different career paths, and Kit’s love for a girl named Emily.

Now free from an unhappy and forced relationship, Ingrid started enjoying her teenage years. A student a CSM, Ingrid began her metamorphosis into who she wanted to really be. Ingrid, abstracted from reality, began dying her hair eccentric colours, wearing the most extravagant and garish clothing, and covered herself with tattoos. She started visiting a local nightclub called The Vault with her friends. This is where Ingrid would meet James and Alistair.

James Arterbury, a tall, handsome character would become the next love interest for Ingrid and upon hitting it off almost immediately, a whirlwind romance ensued. Ingrid would find out a few months later that James was in fact involved in London’s organised crime scene, working under none other than Alistair Carter, the owner of The Vault.

Ingrid would soon be introduced properly to Alistair, who saw potential in her after observing her attitude and behaviours. She was assigned various jobs to prove herself worthy of working under the gang to which she completed without much trouble. With the manipulative and charismatic attitude she had adopted from being so spoilt all her life, her true potential shone through in this time, making her both intimidating and charming whilst extorting money from seemingly innocent businessmen. Impressed by her talent, Alistair welcomed her into the family and IV was born. Realising she wouldn’t be able to reach her full potential if she stayed at University, IV dropped out to pursue her new career path.

By the time IV was 20, she was notorious among the crime scene for being capable of trafficking hundreds of thousands of grams of drugs, and making her crime family (illegally) richer than anyone else had in that time. IV had also completed 4 contract killings and sat in a highly respected position within her clan. If you wanted a job doing, she was the woman to go to.

On her 21st birthday, IV would move into a house of Prince Albert Road, Camden bought by her parents and decorated lavishly where she and James would live happily. Alistair had also agreed to hand over rights to a club named The Crypt so she could have somewhere to make a (legal) living for herself.

IV became popular with her civilian guests, known to them to be a fun loving, approachable, and charismatic owner who was always down to party. She would invite a select few back to her house after the club closed for the night to continue partying until the late morning, where IV could be found crashed on her bed, drugged up guests dotted around the room where they had crashed too.

In 2014, IV would be proposed to by James and upon accepting this, they were set to wed later that year. IV began to think past her life of crime and onto things she wanted later in life; children and a quiet, stable life. However on 15th July, IV would find out that James had been killed on a job, something she would not know until the next morning after a regular night of drinking and having fun at her club.

In despair, IV spiralled downwards into heavier drugs, and now feeling as though her life wasn’t going in a certain direction, she would party harder and lose all sense of responsibility. IV continued to work under Alistair, although ultimately blamed him for the murder of James, and a twisted sense of loyalty resided within her. Although, Alistair would argue this and say it was a blessing in disguise. IV became faster, wilder, losing all sense of a moral compass, and enabling her to complete the toughest, and most sentimental, jobs.

IV was assigned to work alongside 3 others, Kill V Maim (Marnie Alexander), Skreechy Bat (Aiko Ikari), and Rococo Basilisk (Charlotte Laurent). This group would be known to be one of the deadliest in the crime scene. With IV being the leader of the group, they would secretly hunt down who murdered James Arterbury and take revenge.

Life continued for IV, still the charming socialite she had always been with her close circle of friends, and in 2016, she would be introduced to model Levi Karlsson, a regular at The Crypt. The pair would soon become more than friends, although nothing official had been stated, somewhat to do with IV’s fear of committing since her last relationship, and the pair continue to live their own lives.

Needing time to escape reality, IV would temporarily move to Oregon before making her way south to California – somewhere she felt she could truly express herself as resume her career as an artist, leaving Aiko in charge of her club in her absence.

In 2017, IV would be contacted via Acid Reign to the whereabouts of her lover’s murderers. With extensive tracking and research, it appeared they now resided in Chicago and with the impulse only Ingrid could possess, she made her way across state to Chicago to hunt them down and get revenge.

After weeks of plotting, Ingrid was finally ready to make her move – a showdown in a secluded alley where they had been torturing another victim, bloodied and on the brink of death. Enraged at the thought of that possibly happened to James, Ingrid open fired. But when the men did not seem to react to her bullets, merely brushing them off, her skin turned pale and confusion clouded her thoughts and reactions. They couldn’t be human. And with a smirk and the force of a thousand suns, she was pushed to the ground screaming and then… darkness, the painful words they spoke echoing around her head – “He’s not dead.”.

When IV awoke, she felt a lot different, almost immortal. Those same words stuck in her mind, feeling somewhat betrayed by her former lover, and now, she felt back to her normal self – a loose canon. Now in hiding and affiliated with Clan Ventrue, IV has nothing holding her back from reaching the top – just as she always has been.

☨ Ingrid 'IV' Valentine ☨

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